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TikTok Ads

We identify market juggernauts in your niche & use this research to scale with spark ads

AI Ad Creatives

We handle scripting, filmin, editing & analytics.
No need to lift a finger

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Why Choose Autopilot?

Most agencies overpromise & underdeliver. At Autopilot we always go above & beyond

Other Agencies:

❌ Inexperienced Marketers
❌ Lack of Research in your industry
❌ Inadequate Communication
❌ Endless promises that ring hollow
❌ No focus on customer retention


🛩️ 5 Years of proven success
🛩️ Creator Pairing
🛩️ Constant 24/7 Communication
🛩️ Frequent Check-Ins & accountability
🛩️ Bespoke Creatives

What Our Clients Say


What is the price?

Our pricing structure will depend on the key performance indicators (KPIs) you currently have in place.

To schedule a call, please click here.

For creative services, we apply a retainer fee, and for ad management, we receive a percentage of your ad spending.

What's your guarantee?

We guarantee surpassing your current UGC ad performance using TikTok and Meta with our creatives. If we don't, we work for free until we do.

Do we need to pay creators separately?

Creative costs are included in our packages.

You’ll get to tap into our network of 500+ content creators that routinely pump out quality, authentic videos.

Am I qualified to work with Autopilot?

To work with us you must be spending or committed to spending at least $10k on paid media monthly.

This offer is not for newbies or anyone looking to get rich overnight. We are looking for growth partners we can develop long-term relationships with.

Don't miss the TikTok opportunity

Our team will outline a custom strategy for your brand, no strings attached. Just a set up a call with us

Our Core Tenets

Do The Boring Work

Go Above & Beyond

Grow Or Die

Always Find A Way